(History and route)

Born in 1971 near Bordeaux, I grew up in South-west of France, among the vineyards, the pines, the Arcachon Bay and the ocean. I remain very attached to this crescent which extends from the Basque country to the estuary of the Garonne. Today, I live in Switzerland near Lausanne, in the peaceful village of Penthalaz located at the foot of the Jura.
My university and professional route is at least sinuous if not atypical. This is due as much to my curious and voluntary nature as to the vagaries of life that always ask us to adapt ourselves: I obtained a Bachelor degree in Applied Modern Languages in English-Spanish, another one in web design and a Masters in Sustainable Development. But I have worked for a long time in the German-speaking part of Switzerland, in Zurich, in computer science, translation and subtitling of films as well as claims in banking...From now on working as a freelance in the canton of Vaud (Switzerland), I animate painting workshops for children at Le Mont-Sur-Lausanne and I give tennis lessons at Bussigny.

Art and sport are essential to my balance, one does not go without the other. Despite my health concerns related to ankylosing spondylitis that requires a lot of effort and will, the need for expression has always been there, vital. Writing has long been my passion. I tried the novel, wrote some short stories and still compose today poems or songs with my guitar. In fact, writing offered me a springboard to a passion that took up all the space, painting.

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