Somehow, writing led me to painting. I wrote some shorts stories, poems, and two novels. Thinking about it, I have realized that my style had been influenced by the impressionism. I always felt the wish to paint inside me, but I never dared to make this step. In 2010, as a drama occurred in my life, I felt the need to see again life in colors. Painting, consciously or not, appeared to be the best way to express this urgent desire.

I come from Bordeaux (France) and currently live in Switzerland near Lausanne. As an autodidact artist, I mainly work in my atelier and sometimes sur le motif. I use different types of oil, tubes, sticks or pastels, but I can also use charcoal or crayon. Today I paint on canvas or paper but I also enjoy painting on a tablet with an application and e-brush. I consider digital art as a real medium as it can provoke a real emotion. This is a sufficient argument to me.

Today my inspiration comes from the pure and simple enchantment of nature. I try to express and share what I feel and see: Harmony, strength, the energy of nature, but also its fragility and maybe ours. The passing of time, the remaining time, solitude or I what I prefer to call a melancholy agitation. I like the idea that we don’t know exactly the accurate time in my painting. But nothing is fixed or definitive and I don’t want to limit myself to one specific approach. Learning from others and ourselves, we are always evolving. So, I try to find my inner movement and to put it into my work. Recently a very good friend suggested me to paint subjects that are more « involved » or related to « what’s going on today in our world ». This argument makes sense. I do not say that I will never change of subjects. But for the time being, I consider that landscapes are a very current topic.

I am a member of the ARVA association (Association Romande pour la Valorisation des Arts).

Some information about my digital painting process

I work on an iPad and now use the Procreate application. I paint with a stylus or e-brush. Once the digital artwork is done, I sometimes bring some minor changes or effects with an image editing tool. Then, the digital painting is printed on fine art paper Hahnemühle 310g by a professional printer. The quality and the light are really optimal. All my digital paintings are numbered and limited to 10 editions. They are stored in a secure database that guarantees the buyer to truly own my digital work thanks to the latest blockchain technology.
A certificate of authenticity is delivered with the artwork.

Cala Mariolu no. 3, Sardinia. Mixed media, 56x42, 2017